Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Due to epic slack and a massive back-log of photos due to so many events lately, and also working on the cars. I have finally finished this post ha-ha!

So here is PART ONE of our second Secret Meet!

Day started out well... I was doing some finishing touches to the wagon at the Shed while a heap of bro's started rocking up... was all smiles at this stage!

Alex's Mk5 sitting on point with his brand new XD9s (which are now for sale). Have a full feature coming up on this next week!

Jackson came down for Toowoomba in his RX3, during the journey down his dump pipe cracked nearly all the way through. Running a little late for the meet, we ended up hitting the road about 3pm... to only get around the corner to see that Jayrad had been pulled over by the police. We found out later he copped a fine for being too low. 

 We all quickly turned around and headed back to the Shed..... 


Thanks, Streetkarnage.