Friday, September 14, 2012


Part Two from the Secretmeet!

As I left it the other day, we got back to the Shed with an extra few cars that we seen on the way. Everybody parked up and we discussed what we planned to do, shortly after a police car pulled into our shed carpark and decided to go over everybody's cars...... Lucky for us all, no defects and no fines were handed out and the police ended up going on their way.

This was about 2 hours later though, so the BBQ was pulled out and snags got cooked at the shed.

Two fucking rad 33s... the Gilty plates you would remember from all of Rob's 1 million rad cars he has had! haha

Nelson's e46 rocking his new BBS LMs

The RYDES s15, looking stupid cool with it's new kit!

More coming up soon.

Thanks, Streetkarnage.