Monday, April 14, 2014


Yep, its time to say goodbye to this blogger site and we will be moving over to a brand new site and host.


This site has been going for 4 years, with nearly 500k views and 600 posts... It has been great but its time for a change! I wasn't sure if I should bring the content over to the new site or leave it here, I chose to leave it here.... so this site will now be the Streetkarnage archive! haha

Thank you to everybody that has linked this site in the past, much love!

and all you viewers, we will see you at the new site!

Zak - Streetkarnage

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Well... Halfway Hangs has been & gone. One car that was meant to be there was my 180sx which has been under the build for just over a year now. Although I'm pretty frustrated I didn't make my deadline, I'm stoked to see it near completion.

The front sits on borrowed wheels with the front fitment to be sorted once I get them back from the builder.

The rear wheels have been custom built to fit under the 60mm rear overs.

Kept my Status seats from the previous car. I don't think I'll ever sell these, they are such a great fitting seat.

Test fitted my VSKF's. I also had these painted the same colour as the car.

So happy with our Streetkarnage team colour. 

Our aim is to get the streetkarnage cars together for Queensland raceway's April morning session but I still have so much to do before then. We will see how we go haha.

Monday, February 17, 2014


We are over the moon with the reaction from people after our event, from people that attended and people that missed it.... big thanks to these 4 legends for being able to show everybody clips of what halfway hangs was!

Sit back and watch some rad footage of our scene! 

Wreck 'Em
Mez was the first to drop a video, he brought things back to basic and shows us his take with this rad video from the drift day!! 

Scott Mitchell Media
Scotty rocked this clip, showing not just how the Hit and Run DC dudes throw down with other guys but caught the vibe of the drift day into this video! 

Byron is a member of the streetkarnage family and this is his first video, an amazing job and really looking forward to seeing what he comes out with next!

Josh Dobrik Photographer
Last but not least is Josh's video from halfway hangs... I have to say he killed this video, completely caught everything this weekend was... road tripping, chilling out, parking up, drifting, and getting a bit wild!

Can't thank all these guys enough!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Our first big event went down on the weekend...  HALFWAY HANGS!

We could have not ask for a better first event, the vibe was amazing.. so many like-minded people in one place, from all around Australia!
Our plan was to make this event just word of mouth, was to keep the quality high and just get friends of friends coming.... we really aren't fused on numbers, but saying that... we had crazy numbers for our first event!

Thank you to everybody that made the trip... we really hope you had a killer time and enjoyed it as much as we did!

After a big party night on Thursday, the Show n Shine went down the next afternoon from 1pm...This was planned for the late arvo to give everybody plenty of time to get up, go for swim and chill out before getting the cars ready!

It was a super chilled afternoon with so many legit rad cars parked up. We wanted to see the drift cars and hard parkers blend together like they all came for the same reason, cause they all did, all to look at awesome cars... parking or drifting!!!

Thanks to Stu for the images... please enjoy!


Saturday, December 28, 2013


We had some progress on Alex e36 BMW today. Alex and myself headed up to see Nick in Toowoomba to get Alex's camber arms installed, Nick has a hoist and its always good to catch up with that mofo!

Many laughs, a few smokes, a shit load of talking and just a couple of hours later.... it was done!

Camber set to unsure amount, Alex will be taking it for a wheel alignment next week. Toe maxed out, and dropped a little lower.

Alex decided to go with 18"s on his e36 for daily driving... but he still had to push it as much as he could and fit 18x10s under the rear.

The wheels are Weds 
Kranze lxz's in 5x120... also the front is rocking 18x9"s

 I tried to get the photos to try give justice to the amount of camber on this thing... I hope it shows! haha

Alex has a big list still and a lot of work will be done before Halfway Hangs.

But personally, I think its looks the fucking goods so far!!!