Saturday, December 28, 2013


We had some progress on Alex e36 BMW today. Alex and myself headed up to see Nick in Toowoomba to get Alex's camber arms installed, Nick has a hoist and its always good to catch up with that mofo!

Many laughs, a few smokes, a shit load of talking and just a couple of hours later.... it was done!

Camber set to unsure amount, Alex will be taking it for a wheel alignment next week. Toe maxed out, and dropped a little lower.

Alex decided to go with 18"s on his e36 for daily driving... but he still had to push it as much as he could and fit 18x10s under the rear.

The wheels are Weds 
Kranze lxz's in 5x120... also the front is rocking 18x9"s

 I tried to get the photos to try give justice to the amount of camber on this thing... I hope it shows! haha

Alex has a big list still and a lot of work will be done before Halfway Hangs.

But personally, I think its looks the fucking goods so far!!!