Monday, February 17, 2014


We are over the moon with the reaction from people after our event, from people that attended and people that missed it.... big thanks to these 4 legends for being able to show everybody clips of what halfway hangs was!

Sit back and watch some rad footage of our scene! 

Wreck 'Em
Mez was the first to drop a video, he brought things back to basic and shows us his take with this rad video from the drift day!! 

Scott Mitchell Media
Scotty rocked this clip, showing not just how the Hit and Run DC dudes throw down with other guys but caught the vibe of the drift day into this video! 

Byron is a member of the streetkarnage family and this is his first video, an amazing job and really looking forward to seeing what he comes out with next!

Josh Dobrik Photographer
Last but not least is Josh's video from halfway hangs... I have to say he killed this video, completely caught everything this weekend was... road tripping, chilling out, parking up, drifting, and getting a bit wild!

Can't thank all these guys enough!!