Friday, August 12, 2011



The Hawk at the show n shine, I wasn't to sure how the Sydney peeps would react to it, I was very surprised to see how many people took photos of it... oh, oh, oh, and it even got a shout out by the commentators!! (haha)

Very clean Kouki s14, really digg the mismatch wheels in the same bronze.

We missed the drifts on Friday night, but we heard from everybody we knew there about this crash.. I was pumped to see Cole Armstrong on sat night and was hoping his car was, urgh fixable.. but seeing this, I knew I wasn't going to see it driving!

Here is the video of what happened, if you hadn't seen it yet... I think it can be blamed a lot on the track not being lit up enough! Fink was telling me on Saturday that was his friends S13 and had built it over 2 years and this was only its 2nd or 3rd outing! 

Another two familia faces.. First Braydon is the owner of that killer purple engine bayed civic called Haterz and then Stephen owner of the boosty WRX that has been off the road for to damn long! (haha)  

The evo's come out in force for the the shown n shine... There was some prime examples in the mix and running every wheel you could think of.

It was a hectic long day standing for nearly all of it.. finding a seat to chill for a bit was very important.. Jack's Stagea and Alex's boots got used a bit!

Alex tried driving the golf completely laid out.. IT WORKED!

Alex and Scott in deep conversation about something.. prob how hectic that interior in the Ferrari was ULEH!

Being the first MK5 Golf bagged in Australia.. it had a consistent crowed around the car pretty much all day... Alex taking out the Future Star award on the day!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.