Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As the Australian JDM car scene continues to grow faster and stronger with many of the classics becoming cheaper to both buy and mod, the over supply of the "same" has become quite evident. It has become much harder to set yourself apart from the dude parked next to you at the local meet with the strong exchange rates making parts much cheaper then only 2 years ago. Most will venture into buying bolt on parts but Braydon has pushed the envelope and bought his Honda to a level that many would not dare yet in Australia.

I saw quite some months prior some pics Braydon had taken and placed on Facebook of some shaving work of the engine bay he was working on. I was totally taken back by these images and just couldnt take my eyes away from it. At this point, it wasnt even close to being finished! There has been plenty who have "detailed" there engine bays in Australia but completing a FULL wire tuck, Battery relocation, air con removed, power steering removed, all holes not required shaved and then smoothing the bay is no easy task!

From the outside, the subtle changes of shaved fender indicators, a ek9 rear lip and SIR front lip keep the car clean and understated from the outside. The Axis old school rims give it a historic and modern feel at the same time, while this Honda has been bought back to earth by the HSD Street Series Coilovers. To ensure Braydon stays flat in every corner and the 15x8 +25mm (5mm spacer added) Axis's stay where they should, BLOX Purple series control arms, BEAKS tie bar and Spoon Front Strut braces were fitted.

The clean theme continues into the interior and starts from the hatch being totally stripped from the front Bride seats back and then resprayed in white. The rear is now filled with a custom X brace, a Spoon strut brace, a Type One Racing dry carbon C Piller brace and the battery. Moving forward to the cockpit, a buddy Club VTEC Controller and Autometer dash bezel with Carbon series gauges which reads the air fuel and oil pressure helps keep his eye on what going under the bonnet. A EK9 gear boot and Trust gear knob were also installed to finish off the interiors minimist look.

The engine bay is what sets this Civic from the others.... Every inch of this bay has been touched including all bolts being replaced with pro bolt acron nuts and polished fender bolts. Starting at the front is a polished Mishimoto Radiator and thermo fan which plays second to the centre piece 5 Zigen 4-2-1 headers and shaved valve cover.This was finshed in a black wrinkle paint to add contrast to the blinding purple hue when the bonnet is popped. A custom CAI is feed into the fender and houses the K&N filter adding to the deafening sounds of the Vtec pushing out of the cat-back exhaust into Mugen Twin Loop Muffler. The Hasport Solid Engine mounts ensure the motor has no movement on the way to the local meet or show.

A huge shout out needs to go out to Chris Kenny would layed down the paint in this immaculate bay, Duncan Wilson who made the engine install possible and Daniel Bates for all the custom metal work that was required to bring it to this level. It is truily a credit to all involved in this build and making Braydons build a reality!

Thank for looking and check out more pics here...