Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today I have something a little close to my heart to show you all,
it's a good friend and house mate Josh's Volvo 264.

Josh is only new to the Volvo game with this one being his 2nd brick, he is starting off in a very good way... some may remember his beige 240 that I had posted last year sometime... but he now has stepped his game up in a massive way! 

Josh had no intention on upgrading the beige one, but getting his open license made him want to get into something he couldn't previous drive on his provisional... we were throwing up engine swaps but with his budget it was just working out to expensive.

Then lucky he come across this immaculate 264 fitted with a full rebuilt rover v8 on eBay... in under a week the car was sitting in our driveway!

Thanks to the boys at On-Road it is now fitted with a 2 and quarter twin exhaust.. the sound off this rolling down the street makes necks snap from every direction.

It has all the classic Volvo features like headlight wipers, power windows, manual winding sunroof and every other option Volvo had in the 80s. The exterior is factory silver bottom with the top half resprayed in jet black, makes this 2 tone Volvo stand out from the rest.

The car has been dropped on those 19x8 and 19x9 black centered wheels thanks to the custom K Mac and king springs also with shortened shocks fitted all round.

This car is amazing.. from the spotless exterior to the perfect factory tan leather trim!

Well I hope you enjoy these photos... I know I enjoy looking at it every day!

Big thanks to Josh for letting me shoot this, and for him being patient why I tried out day time rolling shots for the first time.. also big thanks to Rossi for being the drive.. much <3

Thanks, Streetkarnage.