Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last Friday night was the 4th Euro meet held in Brisbane, I attended in the newly completed 240 that I have been building over the last month!

Friday was a very busy day for myself... most the day was spent trying to finish the car off before the 5 o'clock deadline I had to meet the pre-meet at Coomera service center!

Pleasantly to my surprise I got it all finished (I really thought I wouldn't) haha

Here are Josh's 240 and my new daily, parked up at the meet.

It was a great meet, bringing a good variety of cars.

Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as I hoped.. mainly cause I was walking around looking and talking haha so that's my bad!

By far my favourite car off the night!! I have seen so many images of the amazingly clean HAHAA Golf... but for me this was the first time to see it, I was told by a few people that it doesn't get out to much!

Also finding out the very sad and amazing story behind the car!

So overall the meet was incredible, not as big as some I have been too.. but defiantly a great vibe all round on the night!

Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks, Streetkarnage