Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ill keep it short as the pictures tell the story…! Last night was the monthly JDMST March meet for Queensland. This meet has steadily grown particularly over the last six months and this month delivered with over 300 cars parked consistently throughout the night. This event draws cars from both the North and South of the capital Brisbane and people such as myself traveled anywhere up to 2 hours to attend the meet.

The diversity of cars ranged from stanced Mircas, Daily driven drift cars, exotics, scattered euros and BIG horsepower Skylines, RX7’s and Evos. Probably the most refreshing thing about the meet was the people! The environment was so relaxed, everyone was approachable to talk about there passions and were basically zero issues with the law.

The culture within the Southeast of Queensland (Australia) is certainly growing very quickly and is delivering world quality cars to monthly meets. The only issue now for next month will be, the location now needs to be bigger!!

Thanks, Byza.