Thursday, March 17, 2011


As you would have read on this site and any others that covered the meet.. it was huge, so off course we are going to have a shit load off images from the night... Ill keep the boring stuff down to a minimum and get on with the photos..!!
Scott's JDM32 rolling through the Clem 7 on the way up to the meet!
One of the best parts of these meets are seeing cars for the first time.. and for me this sunny Ute was one of them!
I have seen many photos of this onevia... but again this was the first time I had seen it in the flesh/metal. (haha)
The LAMER S15 has to be one of my favourites.. it looks great meet after meet!

It was great that Byron's (Byza) could make it out to this meet, in his GTI Golf.
Swift running some nice fitment with its BBS knock-offs.... even know they are fakes it still looks great!.

Last but not least is a rolling shot of Lauren's S13 Sileighty from the drive up.. she didn't make it to the meet but come to the pre-meet for us gold coast peeps!

I still have some more photos to post.. so they will be up tomorrow!