Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night was the march JDMST meet held at Carseldine in Brisbane.. and holy shit it was huge.. would have been at least 300 cars there, filling 2 story carpark and down the street!

it was an awesome night with mad chills and wicked rides, also got to catch up with some peeps I haven't seen for a while!

The night ended in a pretty crap way unfortunately... We had cops follow us in Alex RX for about 10 minutes when we left the carpark, it was all fine till we come up to some road works and the car sprayed out a heap of sparks. (awesome haha) then shortly after we stopped at some lights and the police rolled up beside us and say "A bit low there aren't you" Alex reply with "Yeahhh I think so" haha

Alex copped defects for too low, Wheels protruding from guards, and window tints.. the police where nice and only gave a $100 fine and no points... But the car will have to go through the pits.

So last night was officially the last time the Subaru will be out :(

This photo was taken while the police where parked up behind it writing out the tickets!

I have heaps more photos, so make sure to come back to check them out!