Friday, December 3, 2010


I have been a member on Turbobricks for nearly 3 years now, and this build is one of those ones that i have been watching from the start.

The 244 has been in this family since new, giving to him from his grandfather.

It has changing in so many ways over the year, and you would not believe the amount of wheels he has had on it..!!

Got snow?

Now fitted up with 16x9.5 -23 on the front and 16x9.5 -40 on the rear.

I love the roughness of this car, its just nasty... in a good way :)

Another good point of this car, is that he slides it.. we really need to see more volvos out on track!!

take note of the Streetkarnage stencil on his front lip! HELL YEAH!