Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey guys! This is my official first post on SK!

I decided to borrow Troy's Camera for my most recent trip to Japan. I have never really done any photography, but with a little help from Aerron and Zak I managed to get a few good shots. So please excuse some of the pics, I'm still learning! Ha-ha! 

I went to Japan at the beginning of April with my partner Kendall. And just by chance the EXCITING CAR SHOWDOWN was on the first weekend we were there! We were staying in Tokyo that weekend tho, but a quick trip on the Shinkansen and we were there! 

We got there early, which meant we were 4th in line to get in mwhaha.

The first car that caught my eye was this project Cressida. 

There were many, many chasers at the show. This black one was one of the best. As soon as Kendall spotted it, she had to have it ha-ha. 

This white one was also very well done. Simple and clean.

Something that we don't get here in Aus. Hyundai Genesis coupe. It looked very Rad!!

The Bee*R 34 looking great as always!

One for the RX7 fans.

The engine bay of a R34 GTR V-SPEC. For the love of me I can't find a photo of the actual car itself ha-ha fail... 

Freaking amazing 180sx. 

Very well executed. 


Playboy Laurel.
Japan, still crazy and weird as ever.

I just can't say how bloody amazing the show was. Inside the hall and even the car park. Two or three more posts about the show will be coming soon. And one about the car park. 

I will leave you with this, a teaser from the next post. 

Thanks, Streetkarnage