Monday, May 13, 2013


Welcome to Part 2!

As I said in the previous post. There were many awesome Chasers at the Exciting Car Showdown. Here is one more.  

This Chaser was one of my personal favourites. Because of its mixture of vip and drift styles. 

From the last post, many of you would of guessed that I managed to get some shots of Review - Hiroshima Drifting Heroes and Bad Quality. 

Nakagawa Shuichi from Review and Naohiro Yamane from Bad Quality both introduced themselves to me, both very nice and humble guys. My Japanese and their english isn't great, but we managed to add each other on FB ha-ha.

Both these cars have just insane fitment. In which they drove all the way from Hiroshima to Nagoya. Bloody amazing stuff if you ask me. 

Such clean cars, with an amazing amount of work done. They had a big crowd around them the whole weekend. They both gave me some stickers, and I was going to give them some SK stickers, but I was an idiot and left them in Aus. I kicked myself alllllll day. 

Amazing guys, amazing cars. Wish I spoke more Japanese hahaha.

Plenty more to come on the next post, stay tuned!! 

Thanks, Streetkarange