Wednesday, May 15, 2013


If you are a long time reader of the blog, this car would not be new to you... Emilio's Civic has been up on here more times over the years than a lot of other cars... Our good friend Trent got the last shoot on the car before it got sold on, and Emilio jumped into a R32 GTR.

This car went through a few stages since I first seen it, and it went from a cool streeter to a full blow track car... uhmm, with rego!

Completely stripped out with cage and brace bars going everywhere... and running Recaro fixed backs and Takata harnesses!

Everything on this car has been touched by Emilio!

Emilio did such an amazing job on this car, it was great to watch it over the last few years turn into a weapon... One car I will miss seeing around that's for sure!

Images thanks to TNW Photography

Thanks, Streetkarnage.