Friday, May 17, 2013


A few weeks ago on the 28th of April, the crew from All Stars headed up to our neck of the woods and held an awesome show on the Gold Coast... This is one part of an east coast tour they are doing over the next few months.

The event was actually meant to be held while I was overseas... but thankfully it got postponed for about a month due to weather, this gave us the opportunity to pull a heap of our cars together and show what Streetkarnage can bring to the table!

The new date turned out to be such an amazing day, perfect blue skys and not a rain cloud to be seen!

Michael brought out his amazing s14 that we featured recently... But now rocking his extended LCAs and running 9"s upfront!

Jake made it out in his killer Impreza rocking 3SDM wheels... Hopefully this will be a future feature car soon. But not before the new plans for this machine come into action.

I love this evo that made the drive up from Sydney with the All Stars crew!

ZEN GARAGE had a cool set-up selling a heap of shirts, stickers and pretty much everything else they stock... so much cool gear!

Our forum sponsor, FORGE Wheels had a heap of cars on display!

We got lucky and the All Star guys let us pull the ZEN ute over against the Broadwater to snap a couple of shots for a feature coming soon!

Our BMW e38 was out for the first time in a while... Now even lower on custom AirREX struts... We have a few more plans for this car, then unfortunately it will be up for sale again.

(if your interested in the car you can email us.)

Possibly some of the coolest cops I have ever seen to-date... Cruising around chatting to the car owners and just being good people... Something we don't get to see much here in QLD any more!

This guy, the man himself... REALNEATO!

Jackson's killer e36 is always an amazing site... can never get enough of this bro's car!

Last but not least, Cobey's freshly kitted v35 was out to kill this show... the amount of hype around this car now is crazy... such a well built example and glad its one of our cars!

Not the last of our coverage of this event, so make sure to check back next week for more!

Thanks, Streetkarnage!