Friday, May 3, 2013


Well I was hoping to have some All Star content for you all but that will be up next week... I was lucky today to get some content from Ryuzzo-san from Japan of the BSM event that happened recently that I just had to post up!


This is Ryuuzo-san's s14 and it is nothing short of amazing!

Love this Kouki

The REVIEW / BAD QUALITY 180sx owned by Nakagawa-san's is so damn rad!

So much love for this car!!

All the cars in BAD QUALITY are so dope!

Lost for words with this car!

Cant go wrong with a FD and TE37s <3 font="">

Can't get enough of this s15, and still amazed that he fitted these wheels under metal guards!!

So many amazing cars!!

Big thanks to Ryuuzo-san for letting us share his photos and we hope we can bring you some more content from Japan!

Thanks, Streetkarnage