Friday, April 12, 2013


Way overdue but thought it would be a good time to post up Alex's old Mk5 from one of its stages of wheels... I did mentioned that we kind of lost track of the amount of wheels Alex had on the golf in the last feature we did of it.... Can view the last feature HERE!

This was last year some time, Alex tried to pull off a race style wheel but with crazy on point fitment... something he had never seen done before with these wheels and well XD9s on a mk5 golf in general.

Personaly I think he pulled it off amazingly, and for me it was the first time seeing fitment like this in person... shit was crazy! haha
I think at this stage there was only Chookie's BO55GS fitted like this.

At this stage nothing body wise had changed from the last feature we did on it this was before Alex had removed the tint.


So this feature is just a flash back, a time in the past where Alex had a new set of wheels on the golf, and pulling of some of the most epic fitment I have seen in person!

So lets take a closer look at those wheels....

18x9 and 18x10 Work Emotion XD-9s with 215/35 stretched hard over both front and rear! With so much stretch on the rear let Alex drop the guard right between the rear tyres and guard.

This is a rare shot of the man behind the golf... Alex!

The car has now been sold on to a new owner and living down in RADelaide!

Big thanks to our bro Josh Dobrik for the shots, sorry it took so long to get them up on the net. hahaha

Thanks, Streetkarnage.