Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Images by: Byza || Words by: Zak Denman

In the import scene its getting harder and harder to stand out in the sea of makes and models, and even harder standing out in a S-chassis.. We are spoilt by google images and the amount of blogs getting around now that we see a new s-chassis nearly every day and most the times by just updating your facebook feed.

and that's exactly what happened to me last year when I clicked update on my own feed on facebook and I laid my eyes onto Michael Young's amazing s14!

I couldn't take my eyes off it, I was blind sided with it, totally stunned.... it was something I hadn't seen done in Australia, its a real a breath of fresh air in our scene, I just kept thinking where did this come from? 

 I started doing a little Internet creeping and found out that the car was owned by a friend of a friend, Jack, and actually Jack and Michael work together at a panel shop, so yep, this car being owned by a panel beater you can see why its just so clean, the car has had a full respray in the factory green making it look like it just rolled of the showroom floor. 

It really is what's under that full green respray that makes the difference though... JDM boot lid (no spoiler holes or 3rd brake light from factory), JDM front guards (no side indicators), JDM front grill, shaved bonnet badge and genuine Nissan window visors... Things that most onlooker wouldn't even notice! 

But the list doesn't stop there... then we get to the items that you would have most likely noticed, like the navan front bar with clear indicators, navan side shirts, S2 rear pods and a JDM rear bar, Bonnet lip, roof lip and finished off with tinted head lights (easily removed) and hid and led globes. 

The wheel may look familiar to some as they are off the black C's Garage r32 that JDM Garage brought into Australia, Michael said "I figure the Internet would get mad, so I got them." (hahaha) They are 18x8 and 18x9, but Michael wasn't happy with the fronts and ordered another pair of 9" from Japan, but unfortunately they didn't arrive before the shoot. Under the car has copped.. New BC full adjustable coilovers, lengthened front lower control arms with new bushes (fitted after photos), steering lock spacers, adjustable rear control arms, subframe risers, URAS hand brake assister and shimmed LSD. 

 This being Michaels daily driver the Interior has been kept very stock and clean, with just a bunch of OEM parts, S15 front and rear seats, JDM s15 floor Mats and a nardi steering wheel. Also the engine has been kept very simple so only a few items fitted to give it a little extra.. URAS stainless turbo manifold with a s15 t28 bb turbo, front mount Intercooler, and with a hks silent high power exhaust to finish it off. 

Speaking with Michael the story behind the s14 got a little deeper... finding out this is his first import surprised me a lot, as this car is extremely well built and styled. 

I asked him what drives him to build a car... I couldn't help but to laughed at his response... not cause its funny just cause how true it is..... 

"I hate cars they take all my money and my spare time, ruined relationships and friendship. At the same time I love them, work on them 12 hours a day at work and then as much as I can in my own time."
This may be his first import, but Michael is not new to cars, he's just like all of us when it comes to cars!

 Being his first import though... I had to ask the question, what made you get one? 

he replied, "I got my s14 cos I was over daily driving my hilux, kept having to touch up the body and over constant defects. My mate Scott had a an s14 with a 1j (now 2j) I started doing body work for him and like half way I decided it was a cool car so I brought one. Just wanted it to be a nice tidy daily." 

 Well for someone that just wanted a tidy daily, Michael has done a heap more then that.. he has made one of the cleanest and coolest s14's that I have seen in a long time! 

 But like most, he has decided to sell up and move onto a new project... yep, this 14 is for sale... and for a very good price as well! 

 Can head over to car sales ad... HERE!

 After Michael told me that the car is going up for sale, the question that come next is what you are all most likely thinking, what's next? He replied... "I've owned 2 bag kits and never man'd up and fitted them. So pretty keen too. All my friends have cars on air." so with his minitruck history and his new love of imports and he wants to go a GS300 on air and nice set of VIP wheels...  

So yeah... by this 14 so he can get on with his next project!!!!

 Thanks, Streetkarnage.