Monday, March 25, 2013


Not the Sunday gone, but the one before was the Downshift meet... held on the roof top carpark of the PA hospital in Brisbane... A few of the boys organised a heap of us to meet up and go for a look. Byza and myself snapped a few shots of the day!

We grabbed a feed on the coast before making our way up to Brisbane.

Chad brought out his recently supercharged e36 M3, usually running BBS LMs but on the day was rocking some mega wide semi slicks to put some of the new power down to the ground.

Spotted this R8 on the highway....

So Chad caught up to try give it a run! hahaha 

Nelson had his slammed e46 out, looking fine as per usual.. one awesome car to watch rolling on the highway.

Tony came along in his killer RWD forester, you should remember from a feature we did a little while ago!

Car is also for sale if anybody is interested.

Nothing like some runs between friends on a Sunday afternoon!

Trent's Mazda 3 and Tony's Forester.

Ben's EVO and Schmidt's polo also attended on the day! 

Byza back in action hanging out of his new project car!

Byza was able to get a heap of killer rolling shots thanks to the mini being piloted by Ty from Forge Wheels

 Finally got to the carpark and headed for the top.

also big thanks to Alex for driving my unlicensed ass up! haha

Part two up tomorrow!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.