Friday, March 22, 2013


If you noticed on the facebook page, I made a MEME, but then removed it as the photographer got MEGA butthurt

I have to say this image is copyrighted by STREET SWEEPER GANG and if you want to use it will cost you US$1000. (hahahaha yep, that's fucking legit)
So we re-made the MEME with the SSG logo printed all over the picture just to make sure you all know its their picture.

Even though we left the SSG watermark on the image they still thought it wasn't enough... and yep, he asked for payment of $1000 hahaha

Yes, I did put a url on the picture (like every meme I have made)...
but that's because I made the meme, if Street Sweeper Gang made the meme... I wouldn't have put our URL on the image!
(that red box is where our URL was)

So after posting the image.... this is how it went down!


 I didn't give you permission to use my photo for your meme. Have some respect and ask for photo use before going and posting peoples photos like that. And on top of if you watermarked MY copyrighted photo with your logo. Either pay me for use or take the photo down immediately. 
My paypal is Send me $1000.00 USD and you can leave the photo up. 

 lol are you being legit dude? 
 The SSG watermark is still on the picture.. I cropped the image and not being a cock i moved the watermark down! The only reason I put out url on is because I made the meme! If i knew who the photographer was I would have contact first... Didn't realise you would get so butthurt about it. lol

Does it sound like I'm joking?
I'm very much aware my watermark is on the photo still. However it's much smaller and more transparent looking now. Clearly you knew who took the photo...that's what the watermark is for. So with a quick google or facebook search you can easily find my page and realize who indeed has photo credit for the photo. And facebook has this handy "Message" button too so you can then type letters in that to form a sentence asking me if you can use my photo. Instead of just taking it and making a silly meme out of it to boost your "likes" that you so desperately need. Like I said in my previous message. Either pay me for photo use or take the photo down. It's that simple. If you decline to do either then I will take legal action.
Thank you 

hahaha this is gold.... image removed mate, stop taking this facebook shit so serious!
 and just to let you know the image would have been changed more then 30% so you would have no leg to stand on with "legal action" lol 
Zak. xoxo


Well that's the Internet for you!

Kind of a shame really.... I loved seeing Street Sweeper Gang images around the net... but now every time I see that watermark I'm going to have a little laugh to myself.

Seeya next week for another episode of the days of our lives! hahaha
Thanks, Streetkarnage