Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Continuing from yesterday's PART ONE... The Downshift meet is held on the top carpark of the PA Hospital in Brisbane, being the roof top it makes for great photos.... so here they are a combination of Byza's and my photos of the day!

This Z was amazing, if you own it... PLEASE EMAIL US, WE WANT TO COME SHOOT IT!

Chad's Supercharged M3

ZNKII rocking its new kicks... this car was so clean and well built before, but a new set of shoes just finishes the car off completely! NICE WORK BRO!

 Our bro Jackson's amazing e36

Would have got stuck so many times getting up if he went slow! hahaha

Daniel from the FORUM has had his 180 freshly painted and man it looks rad, this L Plater is killing it, people need to take note!

 This JZX and RX are two cars I never get sick of seeing... both are extremely rad cars... are both super photogenic!

Sun started to go down behind the hospital across the road and most of the cool cars bailed out... so it was time for us to go!

Good arvo was had, good to catch up with a heap of people we hadn't seen in ages!

Thanks, Streetkarnage!