Friday, January 11, 2013


Arriving in Sydney after the epic amount of travel,, with no sleep under our belts (maybe a few of us having a little nap in the cars) spirits at an all time low... but we didn't just go to the hotel to crash out and rest... we did what most people would do when driving slammed cars to Sydney.


Last time we headed to Sydney for Showcased, our plan was to make it to Zen but unforgettably they didn't open on the Saturday before... so this trip it was a must!

We got lost through the city but after the piss stop we re-grouped and check the maps to get us on the right roads to get us here.

Pulling up first thing we seen was the huge illest and allstars banners, then following the banners it make you look down a dingy dark, plain out rad looking alley and at the end the Zen Garage sign.

We lined the cars up down the alley and jumped out to check out the place and pretty much just chill the fuck out!

Massive thanks to the guys at All Stars and Zen Garage... possible the best way to be welcomed... a heap of coronas and BBQ was just what we needed!

You all made us very welcome... totally need more guys in the scene like this bunch!!! YEP!

After chillin' and just relaxing for a while, I started to wonder through the Garage... the first thing I seen was this fixie/cruiser awesomeness! 
Also in sort of hidden, but not hidden room there was a well set out gallery... showing some of the best automotive photography work from a bunch of talented dudes!!

So much character in this place... simply can not have found a better location for a garage / shop / chill shack!

After you have entered the shop and checked out the gallery... first thing you see is the line up of project cars that Zen has in the works!

I couldnt actualy go any further into the shop cause the smell of that food pulled me out side for something to eat and another beer! hahaha

By the time I got back in the place had started filling up with people shopping, talking cars and just looking around taking the place in.

The place is laid out so well... from having clothes racks next to place you can sit down and have a read through some awesome car mags.

Then you look over your shoulder and the guys are working on the shop project cars that I mentioned earlier.

The TRIIPN evo was parked up out the front... such a cool looking car!

We spent a few hours at Zen, just chilling, relaxing and talking about cars, girls and the scene!

Huge thanks again needs to go out to all the guys!

Doesn't matter how many photos we show you of this place, its just one of them places you just have to check out for yourself!

When you leave the place your still unsure of what it is.... only way I could describe it is a HUB, yeah I think that makes sense... hahaha see I'm still confused about it... haha..  but it definitely is one thing.... AWESOME!

We headed back to the hotel to check in and get some well deserved rest!

I could say we drove to the hotel as respectable motorist, but I would be lying!!! hahaha

Skids and dragging sparks through the city was the best!

The Hotel was not expecting this on a Saturday afternoon haha

and that was it time to crash out for a few hours... so we could hit the town till the early morning!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.