Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It would seem the reign of Cefiro's are slowly coming to an end. With most bent, parted or track only items. There's only a hand full of tidy street examples left. 
Seeing as I haven't shot anything in quite some time and watching this car slowly come together, it seemed like a good time to get the camera out again.

Jack and I drove this Cefiro back from Adelaide mid 2012. Was a good starting platform, with all matching interior, panels, Autech kit and pushed by an RB25DET.
 With a good starting point, only minor things were required to bring it up to a nicer street standard. With just coilovers, a couple of arms and a set of wheels.

With so many possible wheel choices on the market, Jack had concave on the brain. Our good friend at www.csrperformanceparts.net organised a set of VCP-S5R. In very fitting 17x10+22 17x9+22.
Running such wheel sizes, 12kg springs up front and 10kg in the rear, were chosen, A further -5 degrees front and -5.5 degrees back were required to squeeze them in the guards.
These photo's does this car no justice, the amount of concave these wheels have mixed up with such a degree camber on a street car, simply looks complete.
 Fortunately, at some point, someone had fitted ER33 GTS-T hubs and brakes all round, which was a bonus!  
 Interior has all your basic needs, Nardi, Gauges and the usual Japanese bits and pieces. 
Special thanks to Carlo from www.csrperformanceparts.net for all the help!

Jack's currently considering letting the Cefiro go, in pursue of another dream. So feel free to swing us an email!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.