Thursday, December 13, 2012


From where I left you on the last post, I mentioned that we had started seeing day light for the first time of the trip... and all that this meant to me was, rolling shots!!

First time in the light seeing Jackson's new e36 that he had just finished building the day we left.... As you can see its amazing, slammed hard and finished perfectly.

We had been driving solidly for a few more hours and most of us are getting pretty crazy at this time. Not sure what it is but the lack of sleep and the sight of sunrise makes everybody go a bit crazy in the cars!
So it was time for a break to stretch the legs, and to check our cars... this time my rear bushes in the wagon had completely flogged out and the diff was making some serious clunking sounds! 

Jackson had a sweet idea and was warming his hands up with the exhaust.

Ty from FORGE wheels made the trip with us in his awesome bagged Audi wagon... we actually convinced him to come the night we left!

I have to say... mega awesome effort to randomly just back his bag and head to Sydney on a road trip... LEGEND! 

After some fireworks, skids and a good stretch of the legs... we were back on the road heading towards our destination!

This is where I will leave you... for this post!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.