Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As you would have seen on the Facebook page... we headed down to Sydney for the 3rd time to attend All Stars Eurofest. And also to check out Zen Garage and have a night on the town, as it was my birthday on the Saturday we got to Sydney.

This is a trip we hate during, love after, but say we will never do it again haha. But as I said this is our 3rd time taking the drive down.... the trips always have their ups and downs but I'm sure we will be making the trip down again!!

After a bit of a wait, with a mate bailing out and then Jackson waiting at the wrong servo for us. haha

We hit the road for the trip...

Coffs Harbour, meant another break time!

Party shirts and big bananas!!!

Pulled into a servo and had a break... good to stretch the legs after driving for a solid amount of time.

For me this stoping point was great.... if you remember our last trip down where my wagon sits, in beaten but running condition is where my BMW sat with a broken fuel tank hahaha

As you can see, I was excited about getting this far with out any problems!

A Couple of final checks on the cars and it was back on the road....

More and more driving... driving at night it gets very boring and urghhh

Tiring hahaha at some stage of the night we tried to get some shut eye at a servo... this didn't work to well.

We gave up on the sleep idea and hit the road again.

.....this is where I will leave you for this post.... sun started rising and we are past half way to Sydney!

The next stint of the trip makes for a perfect photo opportunity with the sun rising and cold weather that the early morning brings, it really does set for a perfect backing to the cars! 

Make sure to check back soon!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.