Wednesday, November 21, 2012


If you've been following Streetkarnage for the last few years, or just in the scene in general, the name Alex Huston wouldn't be new to you... He has been a part of Sk from nearly the beginning. And has built some epic cars, and the cars that he has built... he has rebuilt and changed things up in epic ways.

His mk5 Golf is not new to the scene. It was the first bagged mk5 in Australia. And it has been kicking around meets, shows and even interstate events for the last few years... But that doesn't mean it looked the same for those years. If you know this car or Alex, you know he has to be one of the biggest wheel whores out (haha).... I asked Alex how many wheels he's gone through on the golf, "I think I've had about 7 sets of wheels now". This made me laugh,not from the fact that he has had 7 sets of wheels on the one car... But the fact that he is still unsure of the amount he has had on the car! haha!

For this look he wanted to run 19" on the golf, the car has previously rocked 17 and 18 wheels. This time round Alex wanted to try step things up and go for maximum tuck.... After selling his last set of wheels, he was on the hunt for the new perfect set. One night I got a text at some stupid hour from Alex, it was a link to some wheels on a website... It was these wheels that are now on his car.... a full set of VW OEM Touareg alloy wheels in 19x9. And if I can remember correctly it was the following afternoon Alex and a mate headed to  Brisbane to pick them up.

H&R Adapters got ordered, tyres got fitted and here we are... I believe another first!

19" Touareg OEM wheels on a MkV golf.

The exterior has been kept very clean and simple. 

Door handles, bumpers and door trims have been

 colour coded to match the VW white. Alex went 

with a small change on the exterior for the new 

look, it was running super dark tint that was 

removed to give it more of a OEM look, funny how

 something so very small can make all the 

difference to how a car is styled.

After Alex's previous build, he knew this one was going to be on air. He's done low static and as Alex said "Police don't like low cars, I can drive around at a respectable height and never have any real issues"
As the car sits it has had another huge amount spent on the air set-up... With the system completely removed and re-done with all new 3/8 lines. Scraping the crap air management system he had, and forked out the coin to do things right by replacing it all the AccuAir VU4 valve block and switchspeed. The full system was rewired. The compressors have been replaced with large Viair items, and the system was then hidden neatly under a false floor and dynamated to keep things quite.

Alex is finally done with the car, he is the happiest has ever been with it and he doesn't want to change it from the way it looks... So its time to change things up and get into a new car. So the car is up for sale if anybody is interested, they can contact Alex. (his details are in our crew section)

After asking Alex some questions about the car for the write up, he said he would like to thank some people that have helped him through the build...

"Byza, Zak, Ty, Scott, Troy, Cobey, Nelson and Chad, Always good to have good mates to help"

One car I hope someone snaps up quickly, and loves it like Alex does!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.