Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As the title mentions, this feature is more than well overdue!
If your a frequent viewer of the blog (or even the facebook page) this car would not be new to you... I post the crap out of it... I just can't simply get enough of it..... So finally we have a feature for you all!

Nelson's e46 Coupe is one of the best presented BMW's in SE Queensland, if not Australia!!!

I asked Nelson why he started this project? Or simply why he choose a BMW in the first place? and he simply answered, "BMWs are in the family".
Meaning he knew he was after a BMW, before he has even started looking for a new car.

Coming across a 46 coupe in dakar yellow is not a very common thing. But Nelson lucky found one and snapped it up before he could think twice about it. And shortly after it was on its way up from down south to the sunny Gold Coast.

Nelson had one plan with this car... keep it as simple as possible!

The body has had only a few minor tweaks and additions, with a AC Schnitzer H style carbon front lip, blacked out grill, tinted windows, personalised plates and slightly rolled guards to compensate for those amazing wheels!

If your like me, you look at most cars and think.... needs more low!
Well with this one car that doesn't need any more... Its slammed millimetres from the ground with the help of a full set of Selex adjustable coilovers. That have been re-valved and fitted with custom spring rates. The car has also been fitted with front and rear sway-bars to help it cornering at that rad height!

Yep, those amazing fucking wheels!

Perfectly finished set of  18" BBS LM wheels, with their mirror polished lips and the dark metallic grey centres. It just contrasts perfectly with that dakar yellow paint. I was a little sceptical about the colour when Nelson showed me, but damn, wasn't I was wrong! 

I can't explain why the combo of a set of BBS wheels and a BMW just go perfectly in hand.... but it just does, its a simple winning combo that has been burnt into our brains. Every time I see this car pull up at my place or randomly drive by me in the opposite direction on the highway, I just can't stop smiling .. and It makes me feel lucky to know Nelson to be able to get to see this awesome creation!

I asked Nelson, what was his biggest influence / motivation with the car?
This is a question I really do like asking people, as it can get back such different answers from our featured... with saying that replies like Nelson's is why I like that question.....

always watching my older brother building his cars has taught me a lot of how I want the car to be built, without him there to help me the car would definitely not be where it is today"

Nelson has done an awesome job with this car, and to tell you the truth... I'm just looking forward to seeing it again in person!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.