Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last Sunday while most of us Streetkarnage guys where at Eurofest in Sydney, the Downshift November meet was on at Rocklea.... Like always a massive turn out, but from what I have seen, the quality is lacking massively.. and the fact that numbers are getting more important than how cool the cars are, is not a good thing in my books!


Mitch Rowe was out and about with his camera and snapped some shots for us to share... enjoy!

Aerron's R34 sedan got a outing and from what I have seen on the net, errrrrybody liked it.

Always great to see the HAHA golf out that's owned by Rose and Tony.

 Some cool ke70s.

 Jack brought out his mates bad-fucking-ass s14... shit is so damn cool...
I'm hoping to feature this ASAP!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.