Friday, June 8, 2012


Last Sunday, due to crap weather we had to postpone our Secret Meet, so instead of doing nothing we headed out to a steak and seafood restaurant for a Sunday feed!

Chicken..................... hahahaha

Food was pretty damn decent, was so big that most people didn't finish their meals... and apart from the food many laughs were had.. and was good catching up with everybody!

Jayrads GS as you would have seen in the post we did about it.

Josh attended with his V8 Volvo 264... always great to see this thing out and about... due to some problems it hasn't been out as much as it should lately!

Cobey had his G35 out and about.. another car that hasn't been getting around for a while, and I have to say its good to see it on the road again... Cobey has some cool plans for this and then I believe its going to be up for sale!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.