Thursday, June 7, 2012


Nick Pro our man from Philly, has done it again.. you would remember his 244 and also the recent killer rusted out 242
Well Nick has been a bit quiet lately and this week I found out why... he has picked up a W124 e320 Wagon, and has done to it, what he does best...


It seems to be getting harder and harder to be a little bit different in now not just your local scene but the world wide scene, thanks to the amount of blogs and automotive photographers.. everything is seen!

But I think Nick has stepped out of the ordinary vehicle category and gone with something different and has completed it extremely well!

I think Nick and Myself have very similar visions when modifying cars! 
Just this week I was have been looking at, around about the same year model mercs.. thinking shit, I want to build one! 
 I used to never be able to appreciate the styling of this shape mercedes, but recentely the thing I disliked about them, the boxiness... has become the thing I really like about them! 

I swear I don't understand my mind at all, it confuses the hell out of me sometimes! haha

Thanks, Streetkarnage.