Friday, October 14, 2011


As you would all know the drift matsuri went all day Saturday till 10pm and then started back up at Sunday morning at 7am... Here is some of our coverage from the night time activities...

After watching and skidding all day.. it was time for a feed!! 
We thought ahead and brought our own BBQ up, it was such a good idea.. chillen back watching skids and eating snags!! LIFE WAS GOOD!!!!

 I was trying to get out as much as possible in the wagon.. but only getting about 2 or 3 runs, before it would heat up so much it would cut out.. so after watching everybody out having a fucking ball, I gave up for a while and went for a wonder down the pits / paddock area!  

 Have to say this was one of the highlights for me of the weekend.. such a sweet vibe... even though people were struggling to sort their cars out with late night gearbox swaps, broken suspension parts and even a bloody engine re-build everybody was still smiling... every garage was full of people chatting or lending a hand where they could!!

Heckett's doing work... have to say big up to these guys, absolute fucking weapons.. working full on all weekend stripping and fitting tyres for everybody this was at about 8:30pm and they still fitting tyres for everybody!!


check them out at....

Thanks, Streetkarnage.