Saturday, October 15, 2011


 As the the night got on, the cars thined out and everybody headed out for the last runs...

Locky's 180sx about to go onto the skid pan!

When 10pm hit the sound of tyre squealing and gates opening, come to an end.. and pretty much for the first time of the day you could hear people talking and tools being used...

Some of the drivers working hard on the cars till early hours of the morning, trying to get their problems all sorted for Sunday morning!!

and would like to note.. that this has to be the coolest under bonnet painting, I have ever seen!!!

While others kicked back, sunk some cold ones and talked shit!! We joined a few chaps for a couple down in a garage in the paddock, so funny stories got told like Flynn and his wild lettuce story! hahaha

Jayrads micra just chillin' in the middle of the skidpan with a tyre under each wheels... hahahahaha this photo cracks me up every time!!! 

We didn't get to sleep till about 2:30ish and had to wake back up at 6:30... urghhhh at this stage we definitely weren't looking forward too waking up!! hahaha

Thanks, Streetkarnage.