Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well an epic weekend was had.. The weekend just past was the first Drift Matsuri for QLD.. Queensland raceway put on an incredible event, really cant thank the organisers enough!!!

The day started off very early.. we met up at my place to leave at 5:30am on Saturday with what was meant to be a quick stop at 6ish to meet Harris... for some stupid reason the RYDES s15 decided to lock itself randomly, locking his keys inside.. with no spare key, here we were breaking into an S15 at 6:30 in the bloody morning!!!

We got back on the road eventually and kept heading up towards QR... after getting onto the Logan motorway, we hit some crazy weather.. sitting at 60ish and still could only see about 5m in front of the car.. was epicly sketchy!!

This is what we read when we had a look at BOM..eeeekkkkk

Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Southeast Queensland 
The Bureau of Meteorology warns that, at 4:35 am, severe thunderstorms were detected on weather radar near the area southwest of Dalby and the area west of Dalby. These thunderstorms are moving towards the east

Arriving at QR, it had settled a bit, but was still raining pretty heavy and QR had epic amounts of water.... everyyy whhheerrrreeeee!!!!!!!!!

At the time I was more worried about finding a spot to park up and get ready for the weekend, then pulling out the camera to get some photos.. luckily for me there is always heaps of photographers at events like this, so here are some super cool shots showing how much water there was, care of MISKO...

Short track was pretty much a swimming pool!!!

After we set up camp in a dry spot just at the pit entry on the exit of corner 6.. I quickly grabbed the camera and got a few snaps!!

Track being drenched, made for epic angles and also a lot of spin outs... really wish I got out for a few runs with the track so wet.. would have been great to learnt the basics of the track with little effort! :P

Lucky for everybody the rain disappeared and the track started too dry up and with a dry track the tyres starting baking!!!


Thanks, Streetkarnage.