Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Matsuri I think would have to been the best event atmospher I have ever been too in my life... even better then some of the old drift events from back in the day!! I love where the QLD drift scene is currently at.. makes me very happy to be a part of it!!

Saturday was killer... after the rained pissed off, we had blue sky, a nice breeze and of course plenty of smoke!!

Unfortunately for me, when I attempted my 3rd run of the day... I entered the dipper and spun out.. the car stalled.. I tried to re start it and it had nothing, not even the accessory lights come on... I knew something was up, but a couple of seconds later.. Josh and Myself watched a wire coming from under the dash to the fuse panel, heat up so much it burnt the exterior rubber on the wire and smoke started coming out of all the dash vents... 

I shat myself thinking to myself this was going to be the end of the wagz! 

The smoke stopped and we got a tow back to the pits and started checking out what the hell happened.. luckily for me Emilio just happened to be walking up when I got back in and with him being an auto-election we started tracing the wire back through the loom!

It ended up being an earth that had shorted out somewhere and very luckily for the wagon it didn't burn through any other wires!! I re-ran it and that let me get out for a few laps, before the wire would overheat again and stall the motor.. I would have to wait a bit for it to cool down and it would start again!

anyway enough of my misfortune.. lets get on with some photos!!

Buckna's E36 was a favourite of mine from the weekend.. Slammed on CST Hype Zeros running a bunch of Nissan and Toyota suspension components.. and also running a LS1 conversion!! PURE SEX!

Where we set up camp was right at the exit of the pits and turn 6.. such a cool spot to chill at with the bonus of constant smoke shows!!

R33 have come out in force the last few months.. thinking back to a few years ago I only knew of 1 or 2 that drifted in our scene... now they are taking over.. I'm not complaining or anything, I think they are rad!!!

 Last but not least is Mumblezzz RC car look a like AE86... this was the JDM Garage sr20 powered hachi, that I thought had been stripped down completely.. thankfully mumblezzz got his hands on it... and its on its way to be very very cool again, well it kind of already is!!! haha

More to come tomorrow!!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.