Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here is the last of our 2011 Jamboree 21 coverage!!

Trent, Matyi and Rory having a good old yarn and catch up!!

Really dig'd this thing.. the sound of it was intense... unfortunately I didn't get to see it run though!!

Emilio tried to get some spic angle on his seat.. and arghhh had a little accident!! hahahaha 

The seat was then put into retirement for the rest of the day!

What. Is. That.

Ohhh its an LS Conversion into a sil80

The wind picked up so much on the day, that we even dropped the tent down to its lowest height to try stop it from blowing away.. haha.. that didn't end up working and it ended up getting pulled down a bit later!

As you would have seen in the photos before.. The FFamily guys removed there bonnets, which later become a problem with the wind getting a little insane.. so they all went back on.. then come off again... haha.. Ash and Emilio's ended up in the boot of the wagon for the last few hours of the day. haha

Out of the "show cars" at the event this was my favourite.. I have always had a soft spot for this model c class merc.. and this has had some tasteful mods... only thing I didn't like was the white walls.. lose them and you got our approval!!!

Overall the day was great.. plenty of good people and good cars!!
Thanks to Downshift for inviting us along with there stand.. maybe next year we can do a colab stand and show everyone how its done!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage!!