Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As you would have read on Monday, I didn't even make it to the meet (haha) I am actually still in awe about it all..!!!

So with myself not getting to the meet, equals no photos from me... but luckily Byron was there being his snap happy self and got some effing killer shots!!

I got a text from Byza last night, telling me the photos are up and to get them on the site ASAP.. so here they are!!

The RYD35 S15 owned by Harris is now fitted up with a set of white Rota Grids in 18x9.5 all round.. and has set this car of amazingly!!

Here we have Chad's amazing E36 M3.. I'm so glad he made it out... people don't get to see this BMW enough!

Jase's s13 looking nice with its new black respray.. loving the SK sticker!!

another car that people don't get to see enough is Grant's Toffee Apple AE71, So glad he made it out even though he had some starter motor problems. much <3  

 I have never seen the killer black and white 70 before, they have done an incredible job with it!!

Very nice styled Mazda 3

Last but not least, we have Lauren's S13.. you should remember it from a post we did a while back.. HERE!

Huge thanks to Byza for the photos.. will have more up over the next few days!

and also again, thanks to everybody that attended the meet.. we will be sorting a date for the next one soon!

Thanks, Streetkarnage