Tuesday, June 14, 2011



 If your from the South East QLD these plates will not be new to you!
(unless you have lived under a rock for the past 5 years)
 Before I even knew Harris personally, I knew him from these plates.. He has rocked RYDES on nearly every car that he has owned.. from Subaru's to bagged accords.. This man has always been up with the current styles and pushing the barrier for our area!

The viewers that aren't local would recognise them from his black STI wrx that has been plasters around the web for the past year... but with him selling the Rex back in March, and locked himself into moving over to London in July.. he needed something to get him by till he left our Australian shores!

This is where this S15 come into play....

He didn't mess around, within 24 hours of owning the Silvia... it was up on stands with all the suspension gutter and fitted up with full adjustable arms, and racing logic coilovers!

The front wheels are fully restored BBS RS with polished lip and white centers that you may remember from Alex's Subaru. The rears are 15x8 -10 Sunraysia steelies.

One thing these photos do not show, is the crazy ride height this car is running... following it up to the June JDMST meet and back, was such an awesome sight, with it was constantly throwing sparks every time he went over a bump or put his foot down!

With Harris planning on building something very cool over in the UK this will sit in storage till he get back.

Also I'm stoked to say that Harris is now a part of the SK Krew.. and is sure to bring us some goods from UK, when he gets over there next month! 

Thanks, Streetkarnage.