Friday, June 24, 2011


Found out yesterday that Lauren has decided to put her amazing Sileighty on the market.. Very sad news, I must say!


Myself knowing this car long before I had even meet Lauren..  its hard enough to think that I may not see it getting around any more, well unless the new owner is local. (That I hope haha) I can only imaging how hard the decision would have been for Lauren, to put it up! 

Body wise it has been kept simple and clean, with a Silvia front end conversion running brick head lights and then with (genuine) factory aero fitted all round including the grill.. finished off with those Black centred Work wheels in 18x8.5 & 18x 9.5, sitting nice and flush!

The great thing about running factory aero, apart from it looking rad, is that it makes a car like this daily drivable.. Dont get me wrong, I fucking love a S13 slammed down and dragging a big kit, well any car for that matter... but it just isn't possible to daily/street it with out being harassed by the boys in blue!!
This car being proof to this.. Lauren has used this for her daily duty's for as long as I can remember.. well apart from when the RB25 was going in. :P


Not sparing any part of the car.. the suspension has been decked out with all adjustable KTS gear.. Coilover, castor arms, tie rods and alloy subframe bushes, then to top it off it has had a custom Selby Front Swaybar fitted.
Just in case she wants to have some fun on the way to the 'shops' a Exedy heavy duty clutch and a Nismo 2way has been installed.
Now to the Inside..

On the driver side, Lauren has a classic adjustable Bride Brix seat, deep dish steering wheel and Nismo gearknob but she didn't forgetting about the passenger replacing the standard seat with a snugger s14 seat! 

Full set of Auto meter Gauges have been installed to make sure that she always knows what's going on under the bonnet, when she's on the move!

The inside looking like jungle gym with a full 6 point KTS cage with crossbars and KTS and Cusco Braces.. the car has been completely stripped of sound deadening and the rear seats removed.. With the front still running carpet the rear has been given a coat of black to match in, you can really see the theme colours of this car.. black, silver and blue. 

Last but not least we will move onto, what's under that bonnet!

You would have read earlier that I mentioned it was off the road for an RB25 conversion.. something you may never hear, is a chick complaining about the power of an SR20!

Well Lauren did (haha) and decide to do a rb25det.. so she had it taken down to Ktune on the gold coast and got them to sort out the conversion for her.. plenty of goodies where added like a full exhaust, Spitfire coils and Z32 Nistune ECU.

One thing is a must if you daily a streeter.. get mod-plates for everything!! This car has the Engine conversion, Brakes, 2 Seats with Bucket Seat, Roll Cage, and even the FMIC.

So if your interested in getting a awesome built and styled car.. BUY THIS!

 You can see a full specs list, more photos and contact details can be found

Photos are by Aerron Gough!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.