Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here's something a little unfamiliar to Australian shore's, possibly even a first for us here. A few of you may have seen video's around the internet. This 1998 Subaru Forester is a bit left of center.

 This particular example left the show room floor as a deep green, non-turbo base model, no flash features, quite simply, a people mover. This was true up until a few month's ago.

First thing's first, the non-colour coded bumpers had to go. A complete OEM S/TB STi kit took it's place. BMW Steel Grey was soon laid over every panel and body line. Then the whole body was dropped on ZeroSports coilovers.

People moving just got a little more intersting. In a space of only three month's, it now feature's a full Version 4 STi motor along with Sti running gear. A Mine's Tuned ECU keeps everything in line, custom front mount and complete exhaust.

 Now for the spicy part, this Forester is strictly full time RWD. Thanks to a PPG RWD conversion Spool.

Wearing a set of Work Meister SP1's with signature anodised blue wheel nuts sets this car off.

With hills and mountain road's in mind, a set of Spot Lights have been mounted behind the grill with HID's to do the rest of the work.

A custom one off four point roll cage had been welded in, along with a pair of Bride seats to hold the occupants in.

No pram will be going in this boot anymore.

Seeing this car driving down the motorway is one thing, but to witness this car skipping along drawing lines is so rad!

There's more tricks to come, so keep an eye on this car!

A very big thank you to Simon from FatManFabrication for all the fabrication.
CDR at Archerfeild for the paint and panel work and everyone else that has being apart of this build!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.