Thursday, August 30, 2012

WTAC 2012

On the Friday morning of the World Time Attack Challenge 2012, myself along with a group of friends jumped on a Gold Coast to Sydney flight to check out the event.
I was originally going down to shoot for a couple of local teams however with the 100′s of hurdles in front of them, they couldn't quite get their cars down to Eastern Creek Raceway.
Before we even arrived, the Kia Carnival we hired had been filled 6 hungry men, so a pit stop was needed. From the McDonalds we could hear the roar of the cars at the track. It made everyone really excited, so we got to the other side of the motorway ready for some action!
After not too long shooting, a few cars had some dramas. Time attack isn’t as boring as many people may think. This Evo appeared to throw a rod with heaps of smoke, and oil everywhere.
With such highly tuned vehicles bang and pops could be heard all over the place. Definitely no shortage of flames!
During the allocated drift session, Mad Mike in his Redbull sponsored RX8 made plenty of smoke for everyone!
This is the first time I have seen either of the Rotors in action and it sounded spectacular, unfortunately for Mike he suffered some mechanical issues.
Into the night - a lot more drifting, with plenty of action.
With a high speed entry, plenty of drivers found themselves playing in the gravel.
After a super chilly night it was time to head back to the hotel for some shut eye.

Day two came quickly.
The pits were buzzing. Plenty of quality cars to be seen along with some famous faces and promo girls. It was a surprise when walking around and seeing Alana, a good friend of mine promoting Superpro all the way down in Sydney.
Mike loving all the attention from some promo girls.
Back to some more action.
With less wind, nice cool conditions fast times were there for the taking and the drivers were giving it their all.
Back to the pits, I was busy jaw dropping at this particular Audi R8.
The main car to keep an eye over the weekend was The Nemo Evo from the Gold Coast.
With blisteringly quick times for a car that was out at it’s first WTAC ever! It was a sight to see and a noise to hear.
As the sun fell it was time for the drifters to come out and fill the park with tyre smoke.
Some impressive driving was seen from all drivers. Above you can see the Team Orange Subaru WRX sliding around his competitor.

Over all the event was awesome.
The group of lads in a Kia with more than a few drinks in them left me laughing like never before.

Nemo sets the fastest lap with a 1.25.02

1st. Suenaga
2nd. Harrison
3rd. Crabman
4th. Fink

100% doing this again next year!

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