Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well here is Part Two.... Enjoy!

They day started off looking like a super busy day... I think this was the first time it had been booked out for a while, but withing the first 30mins I would say nearly 50% of the cars were in pit lane broken.

I kind of have a huge soft spot for Ben's s15... looks perfect, bakes hard, and Ben drives it like a pro! Ben has had heaps of problems with this, just bad luck really.. but for once he got a full track day in "drama free" which is well deserved!

Brock brought a shit load of bake all day!

E7s out in force!

This is one cool as 80... also seems epic window stickers are back in!! YES!

Still a shit load of cars out on the day... its good being at QR with day light for a change.

Dunbar's R33 sedan was out kicking hard... talking to Daniel early in the day it started to look like it would be an early one for him... but bonnet come off and temps stayed down and he was going till the end!

More up tomorrow!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.