Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Another car that brought the bake.. I'm pretty sure this Laurel that has been kicking around for years now.. and is the first time it has been out for ages? anyway it looked and went the goods!

I remember seeing this S15 at a JDMST meet a long time ago... glad its seeing some track.

 Matty's new R33... so simple a clean... 33 owners take note!

Yep more of Ben's rig... well did say I have a thing for this car.... I got sooooo many photo of it!!!

Brock kept the smoke show going all day! haha 

This day was the first time I got to see the JDM Garage S14 they have built for the short track comp coming up next month! 

My last few shots of Dave's S13, unfortunately I didn't get any of him sliding!
He had some problems on the day that pitted the car very early but ended up getting back on track for a few final laps before doing his bottom end and gearbox! :(

One car I hope still will make it to Matsuri!

Last of the photos up tomorrow.

Thanks, Streetkarnage.