Sunday, July 8, 2012


Last but not least the final stint of our drive down...

Mitch Hemming, hangin' out of Alex's golf making sure to get some killer shots!

We did a final stop into Newcastle to get a patch kit for the tank and a quick wash all of our trashed cars...  As you would have worked out, after all our problems we were ruining a bit late haha

So you could say our final run to the show, was, ummm, a bit intense.... We kinda drove as if we were running for a border, so there was no photos taken off this bit of the trip haha as we were all focused on getting to show before the start time of 1pm!

We arrived with minutes to spare, at the Fox studio carpark... we all quickly did our final finishes to the cars and got the hell up to the top level... 


Showcased Coverage coming up this week... make sure to check back!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.