Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last weekend a selected group of legendary men and there auto mobiles, headed off on a epic journey towards the big bad Sydney city..... 


well had to make it sound a little more epic..

Probably have read on our facebook, A 
few of us headed to The Lowdown's showcased held at the Fox Studio's in Sydney!

The car convoy included Alex in his bagged mk5, Cobey in is G35, Charlie in the killer MXBOSS, Andrew and Matyi in the trusty getz and then also myself in the Sk7.

We headed off late Friday night, at around about 10-10:30 and headed in the direction of Sydney... we were expecting to arrive around about 9:30ish on Saturday... Yep drive through the night! haha

Driving with such a cool group of cars was great.. I kept thinking back to our drive to WTAC last year... and was so happy to be doing the trip again!

I don't think we had even got 3 hours into our 9-10 hour drive, when disaster struck! Most of you should know the 7 by now... if not CLICK HERE... well you could say its low! hahaha Well I wasn't expecting this to happen.......

keeping things short... I could go on raging how shit the roads are but I have to admit its my fault for running so low... well I ripped one of the corners of my tank.. and the 7 was jacked on the side of the road, leaking fuel everywhere!

With no other choice, we jacked up the SLS in the rear and headed to the nearest servo.. which was luckily about 1klm down the road.

After arriving, the car was up on the jack again... everybody having a look, trying to come up with ideas.. someone mentioned soap.. so we tried rubbing a heap of soap in the crack in the tank!


But we had no idea for how long it would hold.... I maxed the SLS as high is it would possible go and we hit the road again, looking for another servo! After arriving at the next servo, that was a few klms down the road... it hadn't leaked a drop. Nick got under rubbed some more soap in the crack and even some candles that we found in the servo.

and we hit the road again.....

 We stopped every so often to check that it wasn't leaking, and just rubbed some soap in the crack just to be sure!

from then on.... it felt like we were back on the road again...

PART TWO, coming tomorrow!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.