Friday, May 25, 2012


Part two of our coverage of the killer..... short track comp! This was the only round I was able to attend.. missing both of the first rounds because of my travelling this year!

yep more of Glen and his supermade 180sx.. this car is just to photogenic.. loved every shot I got of it! I must add sitting up on the hill and watching Glen pull off some epic entries was a huge highlight of the night for me!

another stupidly photogenic car is again Morgan's Zenki s14... the mixture of those model 5s and that BN kit sitting on the ground, you just cant get much better!

The NICEVIBE ke70 driven by Mereki, is a crowed favourite... and with good reason! 


and again more of TJ's white Silva rocking CR Kai's!

Morgish and his S13 Silva.. driving extremely well on the night and taking out 2nd place!

The big bad Fynn diesel and his freshly sponsored JDM Garage and Fabulous Fabrication onevia... Flynn didn't plan on entering into the comp and ended up killin' it and taking out 2nd place!!   

Rob White, getting close to the wall in his 350z.. Rob taking out 1st place on the night!

Morgish in 3rd, Flynn in 2nd, and Rob White in 1st

and now for the comp places...

TJ taking out 3rd place

Barry Clark getting 2nd place

Nick with 1st place in his VE ute


 and then to finish it off.. another 2 shots of Buckna's killer R33.. really cant get enough of this car... oh and also found out yesterday, he killed the motor on the night!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.