Thursday, May 24, 2012


Part one of our coverage of the killer final of the short track comp series!

Can't be bothered typing heaps.. We have enough photos for them to do the talking!

Between battles Tayno, Morgan, Mereki and Danny T come out and kept the crowd happy with 4 car trains and some fucking awesome driving... Watching these guys are just as good as the comp!

Upside aka Morgan had his S14 out and was absolutelykilling it... these photos do not do this car justice.. shits insane!!

Glenny and his supermade 180sx

TJ's Silva.. both car and driving was rad!!

Flynn entered the comp on this round and killed it all night!!

Mercer's LS1 onevia

The night didn't end well for everybody as you would have seen in the video's

Another shot of the 1J powered Silva owned by Danny T!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.