Friday, May 11, 2012


Continuing on with my slack ass Downshift meet photos....

Charlie had his recently finished MX-5 out on the day.. I got a serious amount of love for this car, he has done an awesome job on it.

 Jamie Cefiro is nothing less then perfection.

Jackson's absolutely railed e36 sedan.

Ash and Emilio's Civics had a constant crowd around them all afternoon... 
as per usual! hahaha

Always great to catch up with these guys!

Yep that's a SR20.. this would be bullshit quick!

I want one of these utes so very bad!

Nelson's E46... I think you would have guess by the amount of photos I have posted of this car, I DIG IT HARD... Just cant get enough of it! haha

Last but not least Chad and his E36 M3.
Such a badass car it is always great to see out and about... don't get to drool over this enough. haha

I do have some rolling shots from some of the Gold Coast cars that I will post up soon!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.