Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Back on the coast last weeks means I got to head up to last Friday night session at QR.

Being good Friday and a public holiday we anticipating that it would be a super busy night, so we left super early at 3pm to make sure Troy could get a bay and to try save some next to us for mates!

The big plus for getting out there earlier was having some sun light!

Really love how this shot turned out.. and have to say this would have been my favourite car of the arvo / night!

Was great to catch up with a heap of people I hadn't seen for the months I have been away!

Ryan Cummings had both his Silvia and 180sx out on the day.

Both these things are fucking killer!

Jackson has built a new Silvia since I had been gone... so this was my first time seeing this beauty!

unfortunately he run into some wiring issues on the night, hopefully its not to bad and he gets it back out to the next session.

Full moon and fresh skid wheels... sums up the night.

A mate, of a mate had his s13 out, with a 25/30 making over 500HP!!!! 

and yep, I have a bake photo from the night to come!!!

I really liked this BMW.. looks like a lot of time has gone into the build.

I believe it was running a RB20 or 25 as well.

 Last but not least Pat had is S15 out running a new look.. I think it looks hundred times better then it used! 


More to come tomorrow and probably the next day as well, so make sure to come back and check out our coverage of last Friday night session at QR.

Thanks, Streetkarnage.